Monday, November 7, 2011

Can the Mets win as a small market team ? Just ask the Cards or the Rangers.

Lots of chatter of Mets payroll over the last couple of days.  Especially with most fans having that sinking feeling that Reyes will not be part of the 2012 team the Mets continue to show that payroll will be a major factor on the team that field in 2012.  

Alderson has continually mentioned that the Mets payroll will hover around 100M to 110M and some people tend to think it will be closer to 100M.   gone are the days of the inflated payroll and the team not living up to expectations.  Small market is not something that Mets fans seem to comprehend being in NY.  That is why its tough for us to understand the Mets mindset about Reyes.  Some reports have surfaced that the Mets are willing to maybe spend 70-80M tops on Reyes and if there is truth to that there is no way the Mets will  land Reyes.   So the question is can the Mets win being a small market team? Not with the team they have on the field. 

Of course small market teams do win .Just look at the AL Champs Rangers.  There total payroll at the Beginning of the season ranked 13 and the World Champs ranked 11.  So there close to mid pack.  The Mets if they spent 100M in 2012  they would be 13 in the rankings based on 2011 totals. 

The Mets have way to many holes to think they can compete if they stay in that range even without Reyes. Everyone knows what the Mets need and to think Alderson is not punting 2012 if they don’t resign Reyes you are just fooling yourself.  No Reyes means no leadoff hitter and Tejada is a major step down . Small market teams look for lightning in the bottle from there minor league teams and the Mets don’t have that yet . They also expect a lot from the few big players they have. The Cards lucked out with Berkman .  Who will the Mets luck out with ?  The only luck they usually have is bad

If the Mets want to be a small market team in the big apple  this coming year we will be watching a rebuilding year in 2012 even if the Wilpon’s don’t want to admit it. 

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