Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mets fans to be thankful for?

As we start this thanksgiving day what do Mets fans have to be thankful for that has to do with this team?  Well we could be sarcastic and say we love the banner day idea so we can mouth our dissatisfaction with the team direction. Of course that might reach new heights if and when Reyes goes elsewhere.

In this day and age its hard to believe the Mets now have owners that have serious problems running a team in the biggest city in the world. Of course the Wilpons, pictured below might beg to differ.  Ok so to be thankful for as a met fan.  Hmmmm. 

We hope that the new dimensions at Citi will help the Mets hitters like Bay and Wright capture there stroke and hit home runs with men on base .  We can be thankful for that Santana will be back in 2012. Of course he might not be the pitcher he was before surgery but you have to love that he is a bulldog and the Mets can use that mentality.   What else to be thankful for?  Ok that Ike Davis will be back in 2012 and should have no ill effects from his dented bone in leg. Love to be thankful for that Reyes is back in the mix but that isnt happening as of yet.  

Of course we have to be thankful that has long time mets fans we still have Gary Carter around. The fact that he is able to share Thanksgiving with his family after what he has gone through is just outstanding. The kid gave us some great memories and we are thankful for him and wish him the best. 

All the best to you and your family as we get ready to settle to watch some football and take our mind off the 2012 Mets. Guess something else to be thankful for!!

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