Monday, November 28, 2011

One & Done? Mets Might Look To Replace Ronny Paulino

It is being reported that the Mets were very disappointed in the attitude and performance of Ronny Paulino, whom they acquired last off-season.

It is believed that Paulino "still didn't know the indicator sign in September - pitchers had to call to mound consistently - bad game caller too."

If true, which it is being reported by Mike Silva, that is totally inexcusable. Paulino isn't a rookie; granted, it was his first year with the team, but how long does it take to learn the indicator sign? That shows poor preparation. Pitchers and catchers prepare before each contest, and this shows Paulino was lazy in his preparation.

In another incident, Terry Collins went to Paulino in the late innings of a game to pinch hit. Paulino sat motionless, appearing to ignore his manager. Collins stared at Paulino for a few seconds before asking Paulino to grab a bat. This time, the catcher obliged.

That moment upset Mets officials to the point that they are looking to other options for back-up catcher. It is expected that Farm Boy Thole will catch 60%, and the back-up to catch approximately 40%.

Mike Nickeas is still an option, but his lack of hitting concerns the Mets. Personally, Thole should be the back-up. He is a poor defensively catcher who doesn't hit very well. Nickeas is well respected by the pitching staff as well as by Mets management, but hie dearth hitting is worrisome.

The Mets might look outside the organization for a back-up catcher. Ramon Hernandez, Kelly Shoppach, Ivan Rodriguez, and Jason Varitek are available.

Shoppach interests me, but the other three are useless. All four will most likely beyond the Mets budget.

If I'm managing, Nickeas gets first shot at catching. Runners will be less prone to steal, he calls a great game, and takes charge out there. Yes, I know he doesn't hit his weight, but he is a solid defender.

More questions that need answering this off-season. Henry Blanco would have been a nice "re" addition, but was re-signed by Arizona. As usual, a day late and a dollar short.

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Mike Silva, NY Daily News

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Long Island Met Fan said...

Dan Warthen has said in the past that Paulino puts 0 effort in any pregame game plan for the pitchers.. dont let the door.....

even though pudge cant catch 40% love his attitude...