Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shocker Marquis on Mets radar? The Latest Reyes BS.

Mid week already.  Time is really flying this month. Before you know it we will be watching Jose run around the bases as a visitor to Citi Field. More on Reyes in a moment.  First lets talks Gm Meetings and rumors..  Hello?  Anybody out there?   Nothing is going on except the owners are coming in to Milwaukee and there might be a new CBA in place by the weekend.  5 years this time around. These CBA’s should be a minimum of 10 years..  but hey what do I Know.

Read somewhere that the Mets might be interested in Manhasset native Jason Marquis. What is this 2009? Or 2010?  Ever year there seems to be interest in Marquis but nothing happens. He averaged 18 starts the last 2 years.   This year Chris Capuano might want a 2 year deal so the Mets maybe will take a flier on Marquis.  Or maybe there holding out on Boof Bonser to be ready after his early injury last year.  Tommy John I think. 

So Reyes has all these offers huh? 6 years 90m from the Marlins?  Yeah ok 15per year not bad as a starting point. The mets will not balk at that just the length of the contract. There is some chatter that the Mets might be out of the running sooner rather than later since the $$ is more then they want to spend.  I read that Reyes camp is upset the Mets are not breaking down the door for Reyes already  Yeah ok how much are we going to find out down the line is bunch of BS.  No one is going to give up there hand this early.  Hopefully Reyes with NY ties will give the Mets the last right of refusal come next month. Then the BS will stop and we will see who signs Jose.  Maybe the Angels since they usually come out of nowhere when it comes there Free Agent signings!

Jason Pridie who  couldn’t hit but could play a great CF signed with the A’s.  Sorry to see him go. Hopefully the Mets will make the right move and get a CF that has an arm since Pagan seem to have lost his .  

Latest on Reyes read this

Mets having a presser this morning about the 50th year anniversary of the teams inception.  If interesting will post about it later. 

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