Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Daniel Murphy Tears ACL Pivoting Child Off His Knee At Mets Christmas Party

Daniel Murphy has been moved to the 60 day DL in injuring his left knee while trying to make the pivot in removing a small boy from his knee.

Murphy, who is this year's Santa Claus at the Mets Christmas party, was talking to reporters that he has worked hard on his double play pivot, and should be "flawless" in his pivot on the double play. Murphy was injured (knee both times) at second base in both 2010 and 2011. The injuries were caused by Murphy's sloppy foot work around second.

While being Santa today, Murphy was telling reporters that his knee is healthy, and he has been working on his fundamentals in 'turning two" - especially working on the pivot. Just then, a young boy who had been on Murph's lap asking Santa for an XBox, was due to leave Santa. Murphy, showing off his improved pivot, turned to his right, displaying his pivot and to remove the small boy, screamed in agony and crumbled to the ground as the youngster ran to his mother. Santa Murph was carted off with an initial diagnosis of a torn ACL. ***

Justin Turner, who was also at the party with Jon Niese, had a difficult time holding back a smirk.

Adam Rubin, Bitter Bill

*** Murphy was indeed the Mets Santa this year, but did not injure himself. Just a running joke started by Bitter Bill.

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