Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mets- Wilpons: Living a life of fantasy.

It is one thing to be a optimist.  Most Met fans gave the Mets a sliver of respect up until the time Reyes was lost to the freaking Marlins.  Then all optimism and respect were gone.  The Wilpon’s have done their best job running this Ny franchise to the ground. What is just icing on the cake is they really think fans are stupid.  No one who is a fan has any optimism for this mostly assembled Mets team in 2012. Yes fans will show up to see the likes or Wright .Davis and Murphy play but the expectations are 0.  Like we have with the Wilpons to do the right thing and sell the team. 

What I find funny is for the last couple of months we are thrown this BS about Johan Santana being ready for 2012.  Yeah ok  who believes that?   The Mets are big on spin. Why because they need to sell tickets.  That is why it’s no shocker that now it comes out that he might not be ready.  Really?  wow a eye opener.  Santana had the same surgery as  Mark Prior.  Who might you ask?  The guy who was lights out for the cubs it seems years ago and is still try to come back.  What about the Nats Chin Mo mi mum Wang.  He had same surgery and it’s taken him 2 years . So Santana being the determined guy he is will be back in 1?  Please just stop.  We know better than that. 

Now we hear that through the Daily News that Wilpons are nearing the end of their rope with the banks.  Really?  another shocker.  Like most companies banks let them leverage the franchise to the hilt in the hopes that things turn around.   Why because better to be mortgage to the hilt then go bankrupt.

The Wilpons are banking on these 20M shares in the Mets to save them while the team tanks .  Of course what does all those shares give them a year before there in the same boat? Nothing like long range planning!  If the Mets lost 70M with a budget of 140M and over 2M fans how many fans do they need to break even with a 100M payroll?  3 Million?  That makes me want to go to see the Mets  in 2012 with a .220 hitter leading off .  Can you feel the excitement?

Mets fans know it is time for the Wilpons to call it a day and sell the team but hey they will try to keep spinning that everything is ok with Selig at their side.  Too bad the Wilpons and Selig  live in a fantasy world and don’t get it and us fans have to suffer.

Side note-  Title is from a song going back a bit?  Any takers on the group?

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