Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All I want for Xmas is a competitive Met team.

Good news for the Mets as we head into the Holidays .  No one on the team has smashed there head or leg into the coffee table trying to get the last mini hot dog appetizer.    No Mets has bashed his leg as he cuts down the holiday tree. Mr Met has not got his big head caught in the door delivery holiday 5 packs to dazed Met fans.    See  it’s not that bad of a off season.  

The Mets added there closer yesterday after a 2 week physical it seemed and now have a complete 40 man roster.  So unless they bring in people on minor league deals , the likes of DJ Carasco might be shown the door.  Nothing like some holiday cheer for his family come Jan or some of the minor league Mets that would have to be moved off the roster to accommodate a outfielder, back up shortstop or pray tell a Pitcher since we all know Johan will not be ready.  

The Mets have shown interest in Jack Wilson who of course has begged his agent to find another team for him to play on.   This is not the time for players to be running to play for the Mets.  It is sad that its come to this.   Our big NY team is what is left of the party when all the good stuff is taken.

To be competitive in the NL East the Mets will have to inquire with the guy in red about some miracles.  Not sure we have that under the tree this year.