Thursday, December 22, 2011

Today in Mets history: Who will be Howie’s side kick?

As we lumber ever so close to The jolly fat man making a appearance just a couple of little tidbits on this rather mild late December afternoon.

Today in Mets history the Mets signed free agent and fan favorite for his 2006 catch Endy Chavez back in 2005.  Endy was recently reported on the Mets radar but was signed by the Orioles.  The Mets also signed Seth Green and Ramon Castro as free agents on this day. 

The Mets recently announced they are not bringing back Wayne Hagan in the Radio booth . Good !   Hagan at times can be insufferable. This means Mets die hard Howie Rose needs a side kick.  I created a poll with some names of guys that have been mentioned. Ralphie gets honorable mention just for the fact its Ralphie. Who doesn’t love his stories and his remembrance of players names.   I think the job should go to Eddie C but they might not want to have 2 Met lifers in the booth. 

There was some chatter about the Wilpon’s and Saul buying $20M shares.  Can the clowns please stop with their madness already. 

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Jobu said...

My vote is for Jobu