Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mets and Jose Reyes and being frugal.

I really couldn’t speak my mind on Jose leaving NY for the Miami marlins yesterday .  Alderson said it best yesterday .  When someone is sick for a long time you kind of prepare yourself but when it actually happens you still are stunned.  I was foolishly optimistic I do admit thinking the Mets would re sign Reyes.  I mean did we want to say we would be better without him? .  The guy is electric and anyone who has been to Citi watching Reyes leg out a triple would agree. 

The Mets of course NOW decide that losing $$ is a problem .  it is not like the Mets in the past have signed over the hill guys to bloated contracts. Of course Reyes is not over the hill but he and us fans must pay for the owners we have. It is a crying shame we have to watch a home grown talent rip up the league including us.  .

So now the Mets will lose 40-50M in 2012 instead of 70M as attendance plummets.  There is no way to spin 2012 for the Mets besides we have owners now that are penny pinchers and at this point should just sell the team.  What about the 2012 Mets will be exciting to watch??  Alderson when asked that yesterday couldn’t even answer that.  Pathetic… that is the Mets in 2012.

From Terry Collins  As I said during the summertime, if there was somebody I would pay to see play, it’s Jose Reyes,” Collins said. “So there’s a part of me that’s disappointed

I can see it now… Watching  Reyes come to NY April 24th on his first trip as a visitor and steals 5 bases on Thole as Heath Bell closes out the Marlins victory.  The Mets will finish in the basement as the rest of the division gets better. Alderson I bet wishes he stayed away from being a GM.  Just like the non die hards probably will from going to games.  Optimism  gone .


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