Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mets Busy Day Two After Reyes Fiasco: Deflecting Fans Ire?

After being hammered by fans, the press, as well as TV and radio sportscasters, the NY Mets have been quite active this evening.

Things started off when the Mets announced that they had reached a one year $3.5M contract agreement with 6'10" reliever Jon Rauch.

No sooner had that been announced when we started hearing that Pagan might be on his way out (Thank God!). It was later confirmed that Pagan was sent to the San Francisco Giants for OF Andreas Torres and Relief Pitcher Ramon Ramirez. Torres, who will replace Pagan and play CF, is going to be 34 in January. According to what Steve Popper responded to my partner, Torres will lead off.

Before tweets could die down, news broke that the Mets had signed reliever
Frank Francisco to a 2 year $12M deal. Francisco will most likely be the closer.

Let's not get too carried away with all the deals that have been made tonight. Not one of these players will replace Jose Reyes, and although Torres is older than I would like, he might just be a stop-gap until Nieuwenhuis or den Dekker are ready.

Elvis' moves tonight remind me of when US troops began Operation Desert Fox while former President Clinton was being impeached for the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Doesn't change what happened.

As usual, all these deals are pending the players passing physicals.

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