Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mets morning slog- New Bullpen and Angel Pagan sent packing.

The Mets had a flurry of excitement last night that had the twitter world a buzz.  Ok so maybe no excitement but a lot of multitasking was done.  J P Ricciardi used his gift of gab I am sure to help the Mets sign 2 relievers that were on the Blue Jays last year.  Big guy Jon Rauch who Daniel Murphy had mentioned looked like he was handing the ball to the catcher and Francisco.  The Mets wanted to have a bullpen that wouldn’t give up leads like they did after K Rod departed.  That means Parnell will be at most a 7th inning pitcher. Good ..I am tired of Parnell. 

The Mets also shipped out Angel Pagan.  Pagan wasn’t a favorite of the brass with how he whined about batting 1st last  year when Reyes was down. He heads to the Giants for Andres Torres and Ramon Ramirez. Yeah ok for a team that was throwing around “getting younger is key” in our face we now have a guy who is turning 34 in January to play CF.  He is a superior defensive player compared to Pagan but how long will he be able to lead off if he is batting .210?    Already the morning airwaves were whining about the deals.  Of course I am glad that Pagan is gone and Ramirez ERA over the last 6 years has been under 3.00 but we cant score runs if you don’t get on base. 

The other issue is that  this team now is a base to base team without Pagan and of course Reyes.  Mets cried about how there was no taking the extra base and they need to be more aggressive on the base paths.  Yeah well you know Murphy will be thrown out 5-6 times at 3rd for trying foolishly to take the extra base but who has speed on this team now?   Bay?  Wright?   Ahhhhhh  help help!!!!
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