Friday, January 20, 2012

1 month to Pitchers and Catchers …Hello ? Anyone?

Yes it has come to this. An off season that is silent as one can remember. The Mets are only a couple of years into their new home and already you can feel the irrelevance of the 2012 season. Just watch a couple of the SNY hot stoves. Chats with Pelfrey and Gee.. Updates on Santana. Did you nod off yet?

This off season and the 2012 season was defined in 1 moment. The minute we Mets fans saw Jose Reyes put on a stupid Fish Jersey and Cap. What excitement will we see in 2012? Some of it will be in the spring when we get to see Mets# 1 pick pitcher Matt Harvey and that outfielder who is making a name for himself named den Decker. Will they see Citi Field? Probably in the fall when the Mets are far out of it and already looking ahead to 2013.

It has been sometime since I have come into the spring with enthusiasm for the season at a bare minimum. It can be reflected in the amount of posts we have had lately. After the Mets made it to the World Series in 2000 the Mets added a couple of bums like Mo Vaughn and a future HOF in Alomar who was done. That was a rough time. When the Mets brought up Wright and Reyes you figure we would be jazzed to watch home grown talent for a long time. Well one is gone and the other we still hope can be the player that he was once was.

As we enter spring the 2012 Mets off season limps along. Hopefully there will be some things to cheer about come summer..


Jobu said...

knicks suck...can't wait to be a hater for the mets said...

I'm with you. I hope David Wright can return to the David Wright circa 2006.