Monday, January 23, 2012

Mets interest in Cody Ross? All the Best to the Kid.

Baseball will probably be more near the front of what’s going on in the sports world until we get closer to the Super Bowl in 13 days.  With that being said…(  Omar?  Anyone? )    The Mets still probably need another outfielder to complement the Likes of Mr Torres and Mr Duda .  The Mets are interested in Cody Ross.  Not a bad signing since coming off a down year they probably can get him for cheap .  Other teams are interested as well and I am sure Ross will go with a team that might have some potential to win before giving up hope and signing with the Mets.   
In other free agent news the Mets could have taken a flier on journey man pitcher Kevin Millwood but he signed a deal with the Mariners the other day.  I am not a big fan of Millwood but he couldn’t be much worse then Pelfrey at this point .   

Prince Fielder has not landed with a new yet and there is less then 30 days for pitchers and catchers reporting to camp.  Of course the Mets are not in on him since they have Ike Davis but a division rival is still in the hunt with the Nats looking to score the big guy.  Some other unknown teams are involved as well  He is more suited in a long term deal in the Al since he can move to the Dh spot .  

All our best to the Kid – Gary Carter.  What he is going through has to be incredibly tough.  He was diagnosed with brain cancer and is just so weak from the treatment. He was not able to make it up to NY to receive his award this past weekend.  Carter latest MRi revealed new spots on his brain.
Our hearts go out to the Mets former Catcher.  Who helped bring the Mets over the top when he came to the team in ’85.  

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