Thursday, January 26, 2012

Original Met Choo Choo Coleman,,,The Deleted Version

Earlier this week we posted an article on the original Mets catcher from 1962, Choo Choo Coleman. As with ALL OF OUR POSTS, we gave full credit to our source(s) and in no way tried to pass the article off as ours. We do use quotes and CERTAIN information from articles, but all recollections and opinions are solely those of longislandmetfan and yours truly.

My partner and I have been scribing for this blog, which we are extremely proud of, for almost four years. We blog out of our passion for the NY Mets, and we believe we offer a different spin than most Mets blog sites.We use the entire history of this team, not just the present.

As for our original post, we were asked by the columnist to remove the article. His claim was that we copied the entire article. We didn't. We did use some information and quotes, but did accurately list the writer as the first source via a hyperlink to HIS article. In no way did I nor my partner try and discredit nor plagiarize the work of the originator. In fact, just the opposite.

Out of respect for our fellow Mets bloggers out there and the author of the article, we have removed our post titled: Original Met Choo-Choo Coleman Strolls Down Memory Lane.

We apologize that it had to come to this, but we aren't doing this for fame and fortune. This blog site is our passion, not our occupation.

We look forward to continue providing story's experiences,  and our opinions. We hope you continue to visit.

Respectfully -


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