Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mets still on hold for hosting 2013 All Star Game

The Mets will be soon playing in Citi Field in a little more then 2 months. This will be the 4th season in the new ballpark which will have new dimensions to help the park become more neutral and also help David Wright and Jason Bay stop shaking there heads as they round 1st as they see a ball in left center or right center go to die.

Couple of years ago there was talk about the Mets hosting the 2013 game in there new stadium but nothing yet is official.  The 2012 game in KC was announced 2 years in advance. So what is the hold up? 

Of course most might think its the fact the Wilpons are in over there heads with the Madoff mess and that any judgement for the Wilpons against them will be curtains for ownership . The Wilpons have a March date set to find out if they will be on the hook for 83M . 

MLB of course has a different angle. Industry sources said MLB once again is dealing with the complex logistics of staging its midsummer jewel event in the country’s largest market. 
I dont buy it since they did announce the Yankees all star game way ahead of time.  

The Mets have not had the ALL star game in there home park since the opening of She in 1964. Of course now the Wilpons are on the hook for messing this up as well . Not enough that the Mets will be a shell of a team in 2012.  Stay tuned.

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