Sunday, February 5, 2012

1 more day then the clock turns too Mets baseball

Big game today.  A NY team is involved.  in about 14 hours we will know if there is another trophy for a NY team.  After that though we turn the focus to PSL and what the Mets can provide entertainment wise for the next 6-7 months.  

To tell you the truth besides the lackluster off season for our team the drama that surrounds it with the cash strapped Wilpons has grown very tiring.  To watch Reyes smile wearing another jersey.....   How as a owner can you think thats acceptable.  These guys would rather set there excitement around a new CF that some talent evaluators say is a 5 th outfield at best. Groan.  It reminds me of when this team was run by some guy names Grant a president named Roulet...  Yes  I know a 100M payroll is nothing to sneeze at but when most say this team will be hard pressed to win 70 games in this division. Did anyone notice the Nats rotation now after picking up journeyman Ed Win Jackson.  There trying to dump Lannan now which is a good thing since he has some good games against us.  The Mets could use a innings eater like him but unless the  Nats are giving him away for free the Mets will of course turn the other way. 

Maybe we can have a miracle year in 2012. Miracles do happen in NY . Even the Knicks won last night so we have proof!

1 More day of football in NY and then its all baseball. We are excited right?

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