Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mets Cut Ties WIth Reyes, Jose Cuts Hair With Marlins: Just Doesn't Seem Right

Last night the much awaited hair cutting ceremony of former Mets SS Jose Reyes took place. I can't describe how much it pains me to scribble "former."

As anyone with a pulse knows, I have been sick to my stomach since it was obvious the Mets had absolutely zero interest in re-signing Reyes, let alone his eventual signing with the dreaded Marlins. I also firmly believe Reyes will not complete his multi-year deal in South Florida, but that he won't be donning his #7 this season is inexcusable. Having his hair shaved with an orange Florida apron wrapped around him...the orange should have said New York.


Then last night Reyes sheds his locks for charity. But why as a Marlin? Did it really have to come to this? I have thought, and still think, that if David Einhorn had been approved as a minority investor with the Mets, there might have been some way Jose could have been re-signed. If that had happened, there would have been a little more energy surrounding this team other than when will David Wright be traded, and we can expect great things from Mike Pelfrey and Andres Torres. Gripping theater I know, but not what any of us want.

It's a shame...Jose: hair today, gone tomorrow.

Picture Source: ESPN

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