Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Being a Mets fan with today’s Social Media: The good with the bad.

 Remember the day when you waited for the newspaper to deliver your updates on the Mets in spring?   That is all I  had growing up.  Then of course locally WFAN change that in 1980’s.    Then we had ESPN and all the cable coverage.  Still of course that wasn’t enough so the blogging world was created and fans such ourselves could chat and give our opinion.  That of course meant you had to sit in front of your computer.  NO more now.  With the smart  phones we are just a click away from reading 200 articles on the Mets taking a helicopter to the Knicks-Miami game.  (sigh)  Well it was fun for a time being. 

With the invention of Twitter fans now can find tune who they follow and get a chance to read what they want about the Mets. I love that . To me particularly this year it totally has been a god send.  With a 9 month old taking about most of my time, without the ability to read articles on my phone I would feel like I am a fair weather fan. I just don’t have the time to sit in front of the puter these days.   I might realize sooner than later that I will never again have that luxury.  That is why I love the ability to read what certain scripes like Rubin, Madden, the Bitter Bill or Popper before he jumped ship .  I love the fact I can click a link and boom read the article about the Gary Carter patch. Or what Sandy had to say during his Q&A etc or how TC was PO’d about Tejada.    This is the good stuff.   Then there is the bad stuff..  

The fact now that there needs to be news out there all the time even the guys  I like have to get content out there about stuff as a big hard met fan I could care less about.  I don’t care about the freaking Helicopter ride to the Knick game by Mets brass.  Or what everones opinion on the new underdog shirts.  It is about baseball pure and simple and what goes on the field.  Yes its great to have this ability to chat with players via Twitter but most of this is just pure fluff. Which is exemplified during spring training.

That to me is the bad side of social media.  These media guys are stuck since they are I am sure told to have new content constantly. 

SO for now I have to read sparingly until the season starts.  Or I might be reading Jason Bay talk about how he is in the best shape of his career or David Wright talk about for the 400th time about what he thinks the Mets will do about his contract.  Is it April yet?

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Jobu said...

I delivered papers (Newsday) too. I couldn't wait to start from the back and read the sports first and check on the Mets.
ESPN? Who had cablevision? That wasn't allowed in my fathers house. I had to get my fix on channel 9 (WOR).
I agree there is good and bad re: socila media. Who doesn't like in instant gratification it brings? It's our job as fans to sift through the BS and latch on to the good stuff.
I know I will be there come April, rooting hard. If the Mets go in the tank early and are unwatchable, I'll be gone quickly. I still have a soft spot for them but if management(Fred, Jeff & Saul) doesn't have a clue then they deserve empty seats and poor ratings.

See ya at the ball park.