Thursday, March 1, 2012

The 2012 David Wright effect.

Only a couple more days before the first game of the spring season.  The Mets face the Nationals and we might get another glimpse on Bryce Harper the new young stud of the Nats.  Remember when we had a hot prospect named F Mart…Of course our prospects go the normal course in Metdom.  They cant hit and spend there life being injured.  Except of course Jose Reyes who of course is trying to be erased from the Met consciousness by the brass and Mr Vanilla himself David Wright.     

Last year we all had to hear about Reyes and his impending free agency.  Now fast forward to 2012 and even though technically Wright will not be a free agent due to a club option in 2013 we now will be listening to Wright and his thoughts about it. Oh joy..   Look I know the guy seems to love playing for the Mets and NY and I have no problem with him staying if he performs but do we need to here him now out front on everything. Cant Jay work his magic and get other Mets to the forefront and have them in front of the camera on occasion.  How about Ike.  The kid can talk and seems to have interesting things to say but he was only brought out front due to him being injured.  Everyone seems to like Bay and if the Media would ask him questions besides why does he suck he could be fun to listen too.  

No one as a met fan wants to spend the next year hearing Wright’s take on his contract.  I think he should evoke the Reyes clause.  No chat about it during the season and the season starts Feb 15th.   Or how bout this..Have Tim Byrdak impersonate Wright.  Then at least it would be interesting!

A little Met news  Gary Cohen was seen in PSL.  Cant wait to hear his take on Reyes leaving for Miami.

From Ken Davidoff: Johan Santana says he was told it would take up to two years to regain full strength in his left shoulder.

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Let me tell ya something' Brutha....
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