Monday, March 5, 2012

Mets preview : No Wright : Judge says Wilpons must pay and go to trial

While the Mets get ready for the spring training opener against Davey Johnson’s Nationals they have to do it without Mr Wright. 

David will be held out for 2 games so he can rest and make sure he doesn’t have any flare up’s of the twinges he is feeling.  Wright said if it was during the season he would play.  So the Mets will go to bat without him to start the pre season. Look for foo man shoo Dillion Gee to get some work in. Johan will go tomorrow. 

For Wfan locals the radio station tomorrow will have a couple innings of play by play with Howie Rose while Santana is pitching. 

The judge in the ponzi case against the clueless, so they say, Wilpons need to pay up to 83M of false profits.  He also ruled that the sides will go to trial March 19 over an additional $303 million that Picard is seeking. Hope they sell some single game tickets to cover that 83M !!!!   Ahh nothing like a little drama to kick off spring!  

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