Friday, February 24, 2012

Braun gets off on a Technicality. Who is at fault? Blame MLB.

Ok so this isn’t a Mets post but I really have to spout a bit. Ryan Braun has claimed his innocence on the positive test he had since day 1.  He had passed 25 tests over time and 3 pretty recent to the one he was showing testosterone levels 3 times higher then anyone has been recorded .  So why does he get off and not have to be suspended 50 games.  Because the protocol wasn’t followed in regards to his specimen getting to the lab that needed to do the testing.   So instead of having to prove his innocence he just proves the chain of custody wasn’t followed and bam appeal overturned.  What a joke.   MLB blames the arbitrator.  Of course why wouldn’t they.  Why would they want to look at themselves for not having the correct protocol in place with no loopholes.  They never hear of weekends?

First off the thing that really bothers me about this is the fact that  there were 3 arbitrators and they didn’t need to be all on the same page.  They voted 2 to 1 to overturn it.  Yes I know this isn’t a trial but come on you have arbitrators being able to overturn a suspension based on protocol not being followed so why are they allowed to have a 2 to 1 vote and that’s it?  Blame MLB.  Everything was negoatied by the Players union and MLB.  They came up with the protocol and everything surrounding the testing.  They created the ability to have something sneek through the cracks.  The lab who tested Braun said that the extra day wouldn’t effect the specimen but that doest matter.   So MLB has this policy that has loopholes and a player and his lawyer exploited it. 

Now if I was a player who was suspended I would be kicking my lawyer right now for not trying to get me off on a technicality.  Or have them see if they can use this case as a means of trying to get there overturned.  Here that Manny? 

Ryan Braun failed a test and now gets to play.  Of course Bud Selig could do something about it since he is the  Commissioner but I am sure the union would fight him.  Its not like the good ole days where commissioner Landis suspended some players for life. 

Of course morality doesn’t come into play.  If Braun knows why his level was up. Speak up.  Some on the vine have claimed it was to clear up a STD.  What if you’re a kid that idiolizes Braun and you see him now as Teflon don .  He did something he shouldn’t have done and is off scott free… Very nice. 

Here are some Met names of course. 

Oh, wow," a Mets player said on Friday, after hearing of Braun's chain-of-custody explanation. "That was his defense? Now every positive test is going to be challenged. That could be a mess."

Added a third player: "What a joke."

Another Met said: "Seems like he's guilty."
It’s a sad day in baseball that’s all there is to it.    

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metsfan73 said...

...and Braun plays for Milwaukee, whose owner, er former owner is the Czar of Baseball. Hmmm, a little interesting, don't you think?