Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ike Davis back in camp. What is the real story in Mets land?

Sometimes there is way too much information out there on the smallest details.  Take Ike Davis for one.  He went to NY yesterday and Met land was in a tizzy…  Some were like..what..he is hurt before camp even starts?   What is with this team ..Is it cursed..Who will play 1st…blah blah.  Ok he is back now.  Minor lung infection and not even on antibiotics..   Non story but hey it was out there for everyone to fret.  Remember the days when you didn’t hear anything?  Now you have the Mets GM tweeting and answering questions to fans.  Talk about up front in personal. 

Everyone seems to think Santana is the story .  Will he pitch opening day  etc etc..    Too me there is only 1 story..  Who will replace the 100 runs scored by Jose Reyes?   It won’t be new CF Mr Torres.  This worries me.  We will have a guy leading off that has a extremely low OBP.  Of course he might be the guy in 2012 who played great for the Giants in 2010 but who are we kidding. See Jason Bay..   The Mets need base runners and if you have Andres Torres with a .300 on base percentage leading off it will be tough to get runs in.

  Now with Murphy being a doubles machine that could help but the Mets need to work on taking the extra base this pre season and getting runners home and sometime taking chances.  No one player is going to make up for Reyes so they all will have to pitch in. 

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