Friday, February 10, 2012

Hail Sandy welcome to Twitter ! Bet you wish you didnt!

Good morning,  It is Friday the 10th. A stark weekend ahead in sports . The cool thing is I have 5 minutes to blog here which over the last 6-8 months has been impossible in the morning. Yes welcome to my new world with a new Met fan to look after. Thankfully though this off season has been a total snooze fest.  The airwaves have been full of Giants talk and now that the superbowl is over that turns to baseball.  Of course our team makes the news not for excitement for the upcoming season but GM Alderson joined twitter and already there is drama!

Twitter is a crazy new way of having everyone chime in to what you have to say. Even stars on it like Mets R A Dickey @RADickey43 and Justin Turner @redturn2. Dickey talks about his kids and star wars and will answer your tweets on occasion . Turner who lives in California in the off season chats about what he does as a signle guy.  Nothing earth shattering.  Well that changed for the tweet world yesterday with MR Alderson.

Sandy had a account created and starts right in that he is taking the car to PSL. His first tweet Getting ready for Spring Training-Driving to FL but haven’t left yet. Big fundraiser tonight for gas money. Also exploring PAC contribution.

Give it too Alderson for having a sense of humor. Of course everyone now thinks its a huge dig on the Wilpons. Even Pr guy Jay had to get involved calling WFAN since people found it was a direct hit on his bosses. Jay said he was just joking.  I thought it was hysterical .  2 tweets in and Alderson is a riot. Nice to see someone that actually can be worth following but of course I am sure he will be muted from now on which is a shame.

Not much going on Mets lands but hey at least Sandy doing his best to keep us entertained! 

His twitter link @MetsGM

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metsfan73 said...

Let's see how long it takes Elvis to go the way of Josh Thole.