Monday, February 13, 2012

Mets Future May Be In Jeopardy

Look out Elvis: don't get too comfortable in your current position. There is competition on the horizon, and it isn't Howard Megdal.

This evening the metsfan73 family was partaking in watching Jeopardy College Tournament. After the first round, a contestant from Goucher College had the best answer ever given on Jeopardy. When Alex Trebek asked Ms. Sarah Bart about herself, and what is her dream job, Ms. Bart said she wanted to be Mets General Manager one day. When Trebek asked how she was qualified, the college student said, "just being a hopeless and devoted fan my entire life."

CLASSIC! Although her life is only about 20 years, which is about half of my Mets fandom, I loved her brutal honesty. Another classic point is that (from what I found out) she is from Philadelphia.

So Elvis, don't get too comfortable. There is an intelligent young lady who is ready to show you the door. Unfortunately Sarah, who had been leading going into Final Jeopardy, fell to second place at games end, but she is still alive. She will still have a chance this week to win it all. With her brutal honesty, I have to root for the undergrad from Goucher.

Video of Sarah courtesy of Vimeo:


JBart1978 said...

This is Sarah's dad....who grew up in Jackson Heights and still has a stub from his Dairylea milk carton free ticket for Willie Mays Day in September, 1973. Although I moved to Philadelphia before Sarah was born, she was inundated with everything Mets from the time she was an infant. Believe me, there have been easier things than being a Mets fan in Philadelphia since the Great Choke.

Long Island Met Fan said...

Nice to know we have devoted Met fans like you and your daughter outside of NY!. Wish your daughter all the best on the final tonight!
Met fan here since my first game in Aug 74 when I walked out of the tunnel near left field and saw the outfield grass and how large the field was! My partner on this site favorite Met Grote won the game! All the best !