Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Terry Collins and his frustration: Bear cage match on tap?

My partner in crime joking around the other day about the Mets injuries said Tejada would be the next to fall and he was right.  Tejada has a slight groin strain so he sat out yesterday.  Mets manager TC was slightly frustrated about all the injuries. I mean its early in the spring but you have to laugh at it being a Met fan.  Funny no word about Reyes being injured yet in Marlin camp. 

Anyway TC has this to say later in the day and you have to scratch your head and of course laugh .

"I talk about patience. Right now, I'm out of them. So I've got to regain it. I've got to go back tonight and have my wife beat me up so I can find my patience again. I had a buddy that used to have a bear -- a pet bear. He used to, when he got mad, the bear would go kick him around the cage. And he finally said, 'OK, I'm back down to earth now.'

I think Fred has a new promotion for Citi Field to bring in the masses. Cage matches with TC's friends bear. 

Wright is back in camp claiming that he will be ready for opening day.  The Nationals Ryan Zimmerman had same freaking issue that Wright has . Of course not sure if severity of strain is same but Zim missed 60 games last year . 

Big bad Pelfrey gave up 2 homers yesterday in the Mets loss.  Can someone please find a injury for him!

Adam Rubin

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