Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bay Placed On DL, Lutz Recalled - Ike To Be Platooned?

It was announced earlier this afternoon that Jason Bay suffered a non-displaced fracture of his rib. Lutz, who was recalled from Buffalo can be used as a 3B or 1B.

Chances of Lutz seeing the Hot Corner are slim, so makes one wonder if this means that Fearless Ike, after a dreadful start, might be put into a platoon situation with Lutz.

Earlier this spring I wrote about the similarities of Mets careers between Roberto Alomar and Jason Bay. The one thing Bay has proven over his 2+ years as a Met is that he has been injured quite a few times. In 2010 he had a nasty concussion, last year he had an oblique strain, and now this.

Bay is a good guy, but we are in year three of a player who has been a non-entity with the Mets.
Another interesting turn of events is with the recall of Lutz. Lutz, primarily a 3B, will most likely not see any time at the hot corner. Does this spell reduced playing time for Fearless Ike? It certainly seems that way.

Davis who came on the scene in 2010 like a house on fire, got off to another hot start last year, until Wright accidentally fell on Ike's ankle, which sidelined him for the remainder of '11.

This year Ike seems healthy, but lost. He struck out three times in yesterday's double header...with the bases loaded.

The third time, in the second game, Davis showed his frustration and anger after striking out by slamming his bat to the ground. Fearless had a legitimate complaint; the pitch was very low, and should have been ball four.But as we all know, when you are slumping, you aren't going to get those calls.

Maybe with Lutz being recalled, the competitive juices will go into over-drive, and Ike will find his stroke.

Let's hope so.

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