Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ike Davis and his .131 average Batting 7th tonight.

The Mets coming off the stellar pitching of Mr. Johan and the bullpen play the Marlins tonight in game 2 of 3.  Look who is batting 7th tonight. Mr Davis, who was lifted for a pinch hitter last night is at least still in the lineup .   He looks totally lost at the plate with all the junk he has been thrown to start the season.   Davis has only 2 hits at Citi Field and has 21 strike outs in his first 61 at bats. 
The Mets face Marc Buehrle for the first time.  

Nieuwenhuis CF, Tejada SS, Murphy 2B, Wright 3B, Duda RF, Hairston LF, Davis 1B, Thole C, Dickey-P

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Anonymous said...

Are the Mets sure ,that all of Ikes problems are not from valley decease, He supposelly has. They should definetly send him down until he gets his game back. It doesn't do anything to help him or the Mets for him to stuggle like he is. He surely looks like its more than a bad start. I am a fan of his and wish him all the best. Angelo