Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mets Look To Sweep - All Homegrown Mets Lineup: Mets Lineup V. Marlins - April 26, 2012

For only the fourth time in Mets history, the Mets will sport an all homegrown lineup today in their series finale against the Marlins.

Today's matinee will pit Jon Niese against Ricky Nolasco. 

The Mets look to sweep the Marlins, and to some out there that might be vindication for the Jose Reyes fiasco this off-season.

Reyes is off to a poor start as a fish, and for those who might think that his poor start is proof the Mets should never have resigned him, I beg to differ. Yes Reyes isn't playing well as of yet, and I have always stated that Jose will not complete his contract with the Fish. That being said, just because Reyes isn't doing well does not necessarily prove the Mets were right. What it proves is that Jose isn't a good fit in Miami, and like Darryl Strawberry said, Jose will regret this decision. I agree with Straw. The difference between Strawberry and Reyes is that Darryl chose to leave, Jose had no other place to go.

Mets fans pay to see the team play live, and they have the right to boo whomever they want. But, Jose Reyes gave his heart and soul to this team and their fans for 9 years, and to treat him like a traitor is asinine. He wanted to stay, but wasn't able to . For all those booing, answer me this: if your contract at your place of employment expires, and your company doesn't make you an offer, should you not seek work elsewhere? If you gain employment elsewhere, should you be vilified by your former associates because you left? Think about it. If you say yes, then you aren't being honest.

As for today's game, the Mets are looking to win their third straight and sweep the Marlins. Today's Mets lineup:

1.  Nieuwenhuis CF
2.  Tejada SS
3.  Murphy 2B
4.  Wright 3B
5.  Duda RF
6.  Davis1B
7.  Thole C
8.  Valdespin LF
9.  Niese LSP

Source: Kevin Burkhardt

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