Friday, April 20, 2012

Mets need Niese to be on his game

The Mets start a home stand against Angel Pagan and the Giants tonight. Not a homecoming like Reyes will get on Tuesday but I bet the Citi faithful will grind out some type of reception for the no Arm Center fielder.  Have to tell you saying Citi faithful just doesn't have the same ring as the Shea faithful but cant live in the past all the time!  

Mr Niese gets the start tonight and needs to focus . The Mets need him on point after the last 2 games where the Bravos just laid to waste Dickey and his floating watermelon knuckle ball and I am ok Johan Santana who lasted just 1 + innings.    Thankfully its not Pelfrey turns otherwise we would be watching plenty of palm licking. 

Mets offense needs to start running. The Mets have only 1 base stolen by Mike Baxter of all people. Yup just 1 base in 12 games. Ok there not the running team they used to be but I am sure Bay and Wright can swipe a bag or 2. 

Who is this offensive catcher name Josh Thole?   He isn't hitting for a high slugging percentage but Thole has a OBP hovering .500.  Not bad for a guy who is basically on the bubble this year and needs to make a statement.

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