Sunday, May 27, 2012

Banner Day Returns;The Grand Slam Kid Starts Again; Fearless Ike Starts: Mets Lineup V. Padres - May 27, 2012

It's here folks: Banner Day has finally returned. The Mets long abandoned tradition has been re-instituted to the glee of Mets fans, and hopefully the weather will hold out for the GHMP faithful.
Banner Day was a mainstay with us old-time Mets fans. Many of the banners were hokey, but you would come across some very unique banners over the years. 

I remember back around 1980 some creative fan had a banner made out to be a menu with such items as Chicken Catch-A-Torre along with Flynn and Tonic. There were other items on this menu, but after 30 or so years, the memory is not what it used to be.

I have heard that the Mets are going to watch banners closely so that nothing disrupts their Brady Bunch atmosphere. So, don't expect any slamming of the Mets for not signing Jose, Mike Pelfrey blows banners, Murphy needs to pivot, and those of the like. More will probably be geared towards their youth and Nuke La Loosh.

Banner Day used to be the final weekend of the summer, so it does seem a bit premature to have it this early in the season, but hey, the Mets brass after 20+ years have finally listened to their fan base, and I won't complain.

Mike Nickeas will be starting again today after his improbable GRAND SLAM in yesterday's 9-0 blowout. It would be great to see Nickeas start hitting because his defensive skills are far superior to Thole's.

Ike Davis, who had an RBI double as a pinch hitter yesterday, will get a (recently) rare start. Davis is looking to break out of his season long slump.

Today's Mets lineup V. Padres:

1.  Baxter - LF
2.  Bieuwenhuis - CF
3.  Wright - 3B
4.  Duda - RF
5.  Murphy - 2B
6.  Davis - 1B
7.  Turner - SS
8.  Nickeas - C
9.  Dickey - RSP

Source: Adam Rubin

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