Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mets running on Magic.

Yeah ok I could have just jinxed it and I will somehow have to live with that but have you look at the standings lately?  The Mets, who no one gave them a thought this past spring are less than 2 games out of first as we end May. Yeah ok nay sayers its early but still come on. Look at these guys!!  This team is 6 games over .500!  Would you thought for a moment that they would be wear they are now? It is really funny how a team that like most years is decimated by injuries but replacements are doing more than the lion share.

The Team starting with Bay in left. Now they have Baxter who 11 doubles in 60+ at bats and Hairston who leads the team in homers after last nights 2 run jack.  Torres starting the season in Center.  He isn’t hitting much so Capt Kirk has been holding his own.  Duda is still healthy and playing right . Wright having a banner year at 3rd .  Shortstop which was Reyes for so many years now we cant keep guys healthy there and up comes Quintila of the hun who has 3 hits last night.  Murphy is holding his own albeit with no power at 2nd and Davis is slowly starting to get it going after a dreadful first 2 months. Nickeas hit a grand slam!!   What else can be said!! 

This team by hook or by crook doesn’t give up no matter who is plugged into this lineup.  Most nights it resembles a Bisons lineup but no matter they get it done. 

If this isn’t magic..     

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