Monday, May 21, 2012

Decision looming on Ike Davis.

To me it’s a no brainer.  Send him down to buffalo so there is less pressure on him.  Of course everything it seems rides on a players confidence and how he handles it.   The Mets have a 1st baseman that is lost. What will they do? 

Terry Collins thought the hitting friendly ball parks of Toronto and Pittsburgh might help the lefty.  He did finally smack a 2 base hit in Sunday’s game after attacking the first pitch in his previous at bats.  Everyone is pulling for the big lug.  Heck even Daniel Murphy was seen putting his arm around Davis in the dugout yesterday. 

The Mets defense will suffer without him at 1st.  That doesn’t seem to be lacking but the layoff of missing most of last year has created havoc on him and his ability not to adjust to what big league pitchers are doing to him.  How many times have they thrown the first pitch on the outside corner. 

I find it crazy that Jason Bay, who has been the biggest waste of Millions might upsurp Davis on the roster.  Only time will tell.    

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