Friday, May 18, 2012

Take Off! Welcome To The Great White North Hosehead! Mets Lineup Vs. Blue Jays

The Mets are north of the Tonight the Mets take on the Blue Jays in Toronto. The Blue Jays, the Mets first AL rival this year, is three games over .500 with a 21-18 record.

Fearless Ike will sit and Justin Turner will get the start at 1B. Lucas Duda will be the Mets DH tonight.

The Mets travel attire were hockey jerseys, and what appalled me was that of the pictures I saw, not one Mets player was wearing a Rangers jersey. Even Howie Rose, a long time Ranger fan, was wearing an Islander jersey.

The Mets Strange Brew lineup tonight:

1.  Torres - CF
2.  Turner - 1B
3.  Wright - 3B
4.  Duda - DH
5.  Murphy - 2B
6.  Hairston - LF
7.  Nieuwenhuis - RF
8.  Johnson - C
9.  Cedeno - SS.

Sources: Kevin Burkhardt, CBS Sportsline

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