Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Darth Dickey:Slide Stopper

Once again Star Wars aficionado, RA Dickey not only pitched another one hit gem, but stopped the latest Mets skid.

Dickey has unquestionably become the Mets ace, and is presently 11-1 with a 2.00 ERA. Last night he stymied the upstart Baltimore Orioles by limiting them to one hit, a non-threatening single to right field by Wilson Betiment in the fifth inning, breaking up Dickey's latest quest for a no-no.

Dickey once again pitched efficiently, throwing only 118 pitches in a complete game 4-0 shutout, striking out a career high 13 batters.

Baltimore's manager, Buck Showalter, was displeased with the officiating by homeplate umpire Eric Cooper. Personally, Cooper did have a wide strike zone, but it was wide for both teams. Showalter should just smile at what he created:

A long time ago, in a state far away, back in their days in Texas, Buck Kenobi saw a young Jedi Fireballer in RA Dickey. The young Jedi Knight was showing promise when he was be felled by an arm injury. The Grand Master Buck realized his young protege would not make it as a fireballing Jedi Master, so he counseled the young prospect to use the force via the knuckleball. 

Having issues with his new task, the student was banished from Texas; Buck Kenobi believed that was the end of Jedi wannabe.

Three years after his banishment, the not-so-young Jedi honed his skills, and seeking to dominate MLB, landed in the planet of Flushing. Not as Jedi Knight, but as...DARTH DICKEY.

Darth turned the once dreaded knuckleball into a weapon of choice; a weapon his opposition have no answer for nor defense against.

Last night the showdown commenced between teacher and pupil. The pupil turned Master dominated Buck Kenobi and his Texas Rangers. Darth Dickey dominated his old professor, and with his domination, turned his Flushing misfits into the clear victors.

Darth Dickey has become not only a Grand Jedi Knight, he has become The Slide Stopper.

Yes, a long time ago, in a state far away, a young boy with stars in his eyes was sent home. Today he not only has found a home, but has become our Ace.

*** Darth Dickey nickname was borrowed from Darren Meenan of the 7 Line ***

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