Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hard To Put 'Spin' On This Middle Infield Tonight: Mets Lineup V. Orioles - June 20, 2012

The Mets are not putting their best defensive middle infield out on the diamond tonight, but the way they've handled Baltimore the last three games, it might not be such an issue.

Coming off Santana's first solid outing since his no hitter on June 1st, Dillon Gee is looking to keep the Mets on their winning ways in their recent lose three, win three, lose three, win three? escapade.

Captain Kirk will get the day off as Vinny Rottino will start in LF, and Daniel Murphy will sit once again. Mike Nickeas will get a (recently) rare start as the Mets look to put the finishing touches on another AL sweep.

Tonight's Mets lineup:

1.  Torres - CF
2.  Valedespin - 2B
3.  Wright - 3B
4.  Hairston - RF
5.  Rottino - LF
6.  Davis - 1B
7.  Turner - SS
8.  Nickeas - C
9.  Gee - RSP

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