Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mets in LA while Reggie Jackson heads to NY.

What one has to do with the other is zip but will explain in a bit.    The Mets after  a delayed take off from Chicago are now in LA for a 4 game homestand against the reeling Dodgers.  They had a lead of over 7 games in May but now are tied with the Giants who just swept them .  The Dodgers are having a problem scoring runs.  Of course the Mets scored all their runs against the Cubbies yesterday in the Mets version of homer ball which comes once a year.

Good to see Murphy clock some dingers as well as Davis break the .200 mark in his batting average. David wright had 5 rbi’s but was taken out early to give him a rest. The guy finally does some significant damage with multiple RBi’s and they take him out. 

Mets face the $10M dollar man Capuano tonight who is having a very good year for the Dodgers at 9-2.  Of course that means the Mets will have there weak lineup in there to counter attack the lefty. So that means look for it to be a 1 hit game through 5. 

Now Reggie Jackson.  Its fun when your on a flight and you see someone famous near you.  My friend is a on flight from LA and just tweeted this to me. Reggie Jackson sitting 2 across from me. He is wearing his ring, so it's verified.   Can he pick up a bat?  Cant hurt…  


Jobu said... I'm just a "friend"

Jobu said...

I think Reggie was giving the guy next to him a golf looked like he was showing him how to swing.