Friday, June 8, 2012

Mets vs Yanks 3 games, 6 games, bring it on

I have heard that people gripe about the fact the Mets play 6 games against the power house cross town rivals and no one else usually does in NL.  This year the Braves do as well.  To me I say to those people get over it.!  

Back in the day when the Mets were in the division with the Cards when they were really good they had to play them a bunch of times. The schedule is the schedule. Stop whining about who you play and just play the games!  Of course if you ask the brass of the Mets if they love playing the Yanks 3 and 3 they would say of course. Usually its the only games besides opening day that sell out! 

The rivalry has lost its luster since they have done it so many times for years now back to dave Milicki.  To me just beat the team you play and move on. Ike Davis should be happy that the Mets are playing the Yanks and then the Rays otherwise he might have been heading up to Buffalo .  At this point he is the odd man out.  How long do we carry a guy who cant hit his weight.  Canadian Jason Bay you are next!

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