Thursday, June 7, 2012

Quintanilla Quagmire: Another Mets SS Is Injured - Mets Might Have To Dig Down To Minors For Relief

It is being reported today all across Twitter that current Mets SS Omar Quintanilla will most likely miss tonight's game, and maybe more due to an injured index finger. The injury incurred when the slick Mets SS made a diving play. Quintanilla will not play tonight, but it is unknown as of yet if he will need to be disabled.

In his stead, it is being reported that the Mets might promote a SS from St. Lucie, Wilfredo Tovar (20). Hard to believe the Mets system has a dearth of talent above the A level that they can't promote. Then again, with Tejada, Cedeno, Turner, and now Quintanilla now hurt...

Another option the Mets have is recently promoted 27 year old Sean Kazmar. Kazmar has played 5 games at Buffalo

Neither player brings much with the stick, but at this point the Mets need a healthy body that can play the position, especially after Tejada was removed from a rehab game due to tightness in his already injured calf muscle.

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