Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mets Are Not Quitters! Mets Look To Salvage A Game Against Surging Nats: Mets Lineup V. Nationals - July 25, 2012

Many people have been tweeting that the Mets have quit. Very untrue. Yes, they aren't playing well in losing 10 or their last 11 games, but this team hasn't "given up."

As Keving Burkardt so correctly tweeted this morning:

"Lots of you have tweeted me that the Mets have quit this morning. Please stop. BIG difference in quitting than in simply not performing."
A team that quits doesn't mount comebacks almost on a daily basis. The Mets usually tend to fight back although they fall short. A team that quits rolls over and plays dead. This team does not. They didn't Saturday against the Dodgers, they didn't Sunday against the Dodgers, and didn't Monday against the Nationals. All three games were losses, but the last two were in extra innings, and on Saturday they fought back only to lose.

The Mets might need a shake-up, and I think Elvis is sending a message by DFA-ing Miguel Batista and demoting Pedro Beato and Lucas Duda to AAA Buffalo. I'm sure the watch will be out for Kirk Nieuwenhuis also, eventhough I think he is still their best CF. It's not like Torres is doing anything. But, Captain Kirk has been slumping, and is striking out at an alarming rate.

Back to today; the Mets need to salvage today's matinee against the juggernaut Nationals. Anyone out there dispute that Davey Johnson is an ALL WORLD manager? I have always said there isn't a better skipper for a team of young players. He gets the best out of his youngsters.

Today's Mets lineup:

1.  Tejada-SS
2.  Valdespin-LF
3.  Wright-3B
4.  Davis-1B
5.  Murphy-2B
6.  Nieuwenhuis-RF
7.  Thole-C
8.  Torres-CF
9.  Hefner-RSP 

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