Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mets midday deadline update… Hairston, Shoppach….

As we approach noon here on the east coast the Mets are I am sure enjoying the cool early morning in San Francisco after a 4 hour 10 inning win last night 8-7. Powered by Scott Hairston.  The Mets clutch killer against lefties is about the only thing I am sure the Mets are getting calls on.  The Mets don’t need to unload him since the return will be nominal. 

Catcher Kelly Shoppach might be moved by the Red Sox. He has 11 doubles and 5 bombs…too bad he cant play left field.  The Mets might be interested but other teams like the Nats are as well.  Pretty sure the price is too high for the Mets tastes. 

In other deadline news, Victorino is heading to the Dodgers as the Phillies start to re tool towards the future.

Update 1230...not much of a shocker...Pence to SF...not sure who gets axed in there OF...
NY Post

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