Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trade Deadline Looms: Will Mets Make A Deal?

The MLB trade deadline is 4:00 PM EST today, and as things stand right now, the Mets most likely will won't make a trade.

It has been rumored that there is interest in Mets fourth OF, Scott Hariston, who only raised his trade value with two HR's last night in San Francisco, giving him 14 for the year. There was also alleged interest in the Mets lefty reliever Tim Byrdak. As of last night, the interest in Byrdak was nearly non-existent.

Should the Mets trade Hairston? I don't think they will. Although he is having a tremendous year for the Folks In Flushing, what will be the return on Hairston? Most likely nothing better than a mid-level minor leaguer, and the Mets don't need mid-level prospects, or at least not as much as to trade their #4 OF.

From the majority of reports it sounds like the Mets are interested in continuing building their minor league system and/or adding more relief help to their horrid relief staff. Their relief corps has been atrocious, but where I believe the Mets need the most help is behind the dish. The Mets need a #1 catcher.

The Josh Thole experiment in year three is failing. He was touted as a good hitter who needed a position. Then he was moved to catcher. Well, a .271 avg with 1 HR and 14 RBI is not enough of a hitter to offset his poor defensive skills. The Mets keep beating the Thole drum, but truth be told, I think it's nothing but hype. I do believe the pitchers hate throwing to him. We need to look no further than Pedro Beato and Tim Byrdak's public complaints of Thole's defense and pitch selection.

Who is available? Well, Geovany Soto was dealt by the Cubs to the Rangers. The Mets were believed to have had interest, but couldn't match up well with the Cubs to incite a trade.

The BoSox Kelly Shoppach is supposedly available, but he has only played in 42 games this year. He is hitting .261 with 5 HR and 15 RBI. Better stats than Thole in 29 less games. 29 less games than Thole who missed a few weeks with a concussion.

It would be nice if the Mets could land a #1 catcher, but chances of them being buyers is slim.

We will report any trades the Mets make, so be sure to check back throughout the day. See our noon update! noon update   3pm update

Source: MLB Trade Rumors, Baseball Reference


Long Island Met Fan said...

Mets just need to stand pat. With many teams involved with extra wild card prices are high. Plus it wont make much of a difference. This team is a .500 team. Expectations werent there at beginning of year and most fans need to realize its all about next year and beyond.

Jobu said...

They will NOT make a move. They need pitching. keep hairston. he is a diamond in the rough and has come through all year. too bad Bay is too expensive to eat. He is Ollie reincarnated.