Friday, July 13, 2012

Mets today: Finally a game! Gee surgery

Yes its nice to wake up knowing that our team will start there 2nd half run to the play offs tonight against the Braves.  Of course it was a downer to learn about Gee and the fact he had to deal with a serious issue in regards to the blood cot in his shuolder.  He is due to have surgery today in St Louis and will be able to stary throwing again in 6-8 weeks. 

Lots of chatter if the Mets will use this time to bring up Harvey.  Seems alot of fans are split on this.  I think they should wait.  It seems alot has been made of that Harvey relies on his fastball too much and the feeling is he will get lit up if he doesnt use his breaking pitches. 

TC doesnt want to rush the guy which is smart but if Batista does fail in his attempt the Mets might be force to see if he will sink or swim. 

Quote from TC from Newsday  When asked specifically about Harvey, Collins replied, "It's a remote possibility. I'm not ruling out anything."
Kudos goes out to the 7 line.  They were featured on CNN the other day. Check out the video   here  What to me is funny about it is hearing CNN money debating about it after the feature.  Love his Mr Met tatto on his arm.  

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