Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Can anybody on this team pick up David Wright.

Must be tough for Wright. For most of the first half he was raking. He was hitting liners all of the park and was getting clutch hits. Now that he seems be expanding his strike zone and swigning at almost everthing he is slumping. Now that’s ok . No one can hit like he was hitting all year except maybe for the Pirates McCutchen.

It would be nice if someone on this team could pick up his slack. Last night the Mets had so many opportunities to score and they all ended with zippo! Over the last 8 games the Mets have plated a paltry 20 runs!

As well all know as Mets fans this offense stinks. We all knew that the first half was a gift for us fans. Everyone participated and took turns hitting in key spots. Now in the dog days of summer this team has faded. Why? Because no one on this team besides Hairston can hit a lick at this point. Murphy can hit doubles but that’s it. Tejada has been doing his part but he is not know for his power. a modern version of Dave Kingman. Yeah ok so he has done better of late but he has not done much since his 3 homer game, which the Mets lost, in Arizona.

The Mets outfield is a joke besides Hairston. No one can hit for power. What will happen in the off season? Who knows but no one in the Mets system besides Duda has a home run swing. So the Mets in the off season will have to import power. OF course no one at this point knows how much $$ the Mets will spend. Whatever they do who knows if it will work out. I mean look at Bay..the minute he moved here he fell off a cliff. I am not saying this team is cursed but Wright has to be shaking his head and wondering if its worth re signing with this team. I know I would.

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