Friday, August 17, 2012

TC juggles lineup and Mets breakout:

What a lineup….Bay, Shoppach, Turner. Hairston playing CF. TC was trying anything to get this team to score runs . They had 1 run scored in the first 2 games of the Cincy Series. Well it worked for a night has the Mets plated 8 runs!

Yes and even Jason Bay hit a ball that wasn’t 4-5 bounces in the infield. He jacked 1 to right over the wall even!

Not bad for a night that Matt Harvey used his fastball and lasted almost 8 innings. Yes Frank Francisco the clown of bullpen did his can I lose the game in 1 inning routine but he was given the hook and Rauch only needed 3 pitches to give the mets a 8-4 win.

Harvey also plated 2 with a double to left center…Maybe he can play LF on the days he doesn’t pitch.

The Mets now spend the weekend playing the first place Nationals. Sounds odd doesn’t it? Almost as odd as seeing Bay clock a opposite field homer!

Mets box score from 8-4 win

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