Friday, August 3, 2012

Mets in San Diego :Bay's last stand

As the Mets get ready for the last 3 games of a 11 game home stand in bad weather San Diego, I wonder if Jason Bay knows his time is coming to a close as a starter for the Mets? 

I doubt that his 1 hit 2 rbi night against the Giants yesterday will be able to stop the sands of time which honestly has gone on long enough.

Everyone wants Bay to succeed. Heck I am one of them but how many times do we need to watch a rally go to die when he is up?

There was so much hope when the Mets landed him as a free agent but he has never delievered.  Not that I expect to see Mike Baxter to rock if he gets most of the playing time but you cant have guy in your lineup hitting .160. Especially when Davis at this point on the offensive side is like the old Dave Kingman. 

Mets start a 3 game set in Petco tonight.  Lets go Mets!

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