Tuesday, July 31, 2012

All Quiet On The Flushing Front: Trade Deadline Passes As Mets Stay Idle

The trade deadline ended at 4:00 PM EDT and while the Mets Eastern Division rival were saying 'No Mas' in dealing away 2/3 of their outfield, the Mets stood idly by and didn't make a move.

Surprised? I'm not. The Mets don't have much to deal from in the way of trades. Scott Hairston has had a good year, but would not garner the type of player that would make the Mets better, so Elvis felt he helps the team more than his trade acquisition would. As posted earlier, Tim Byrdak's trade value has plummeted, and Alderson wasn't willing to trade prospects or young talent which would in fact jeopardize the Mets future.

Earlier in the day, we saw the Phillies say 'Uncle' and trade away Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence; the Cryin Hawaiian went to the Dodgers and Pence went to Frisco, where the Mets might see him before leaving town.

So how frustrating today might seem to Mets fans, especially when there was so much activity in baseball, but in the long run, today's lack of activity might pay dividends down the road.

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