Monday, August 13, 2012

The Mets pen is a joke

Sorry for stating the obvious but last night was ridiculous. It was almost to a point that you just wanted the Braves to clock a homerun in the 9th to just give a exclamation point to the Mets pen and there season. On the other hand Niese deserved a win and not have to watch 30 minutes of torture before he was able to claim it.

This is a tweet from Rubin as the inning started… Frank Francisco going to get an all-time cheap save. Enters up 6-1 with bases loaded and two outs. He only needed to get 1 out !! 1 freaking out..instead he walks 2 and give up a hit and has to be removed with the score 6-5! How do these guys live with themselves? I mean if that was me I would break everything in the freaking clubhouse and apologize to everyone of my teammates for putting them through it. Thankfully Rauch was able to get 1 out and give Niese is well deserved victory . Niese gave only 1 run over 8 innings.

Everyone around MLB knows how bad the Mets pen is. Even the Braves manager mentioned how they just need to get into the Mets pen during Busters in game interview.  Luckily the Mets plated 6 last night since they needed all of them!

Mets bullpen ERA is 4.99!! last of course
Mets are off as they head to Cinci for 3 after there 1 win weekend . Frankie needs to stay in a corner somewhere…

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