Tuesday, August 14, 2012

With Wright & Dickey In Limbo, Making The Play-Offs Is Least Of Mets Concerns

The Mets hold the option on David Wright for 2013, but after that, it's Jose Reyes all over again. The same can be said for Mets Ace RA Dickey.

Elvis and the Mets say they want to sign their hot corner sacker to a long term deal, but if history is any indicator, Wright will flee the Mets after the 2013 season, unless of course Alderson decides to trade him.

Wright says he wants to stay with the Mets, but he also wants to win. Although the Mets have some young talent in Harvey, Wheeler, Nieuwenhuis, den Dekker, Flores, etc, is that enough? Understandably Wright does not want to negotiate during the season, so that leaves the Mets only with this off-season to try and sign the "face of the franchise" beyond 2013.

The option on Wright is high, $15M, but that is money Elvis and the Mets have to spend, especially with Wright having a solid year. His recent slump can't entirely be put on his shoulders; he has absolutely no one protecting him in the lineup. Tejada's stats although respectable, are soft. He doesn't drive in runs, and rarely has he had that big hit when the club needs it; Murphy has been hot and cold all year; Torres until recently has been a let down; Ike looks like he's turned the corner, but has been so cold this year that he has hurt, not helped Wright.

When the Mets third baseman gets to this off-season there will be two questions at the very least; does Wright want to stay and will Alderson actually pony up the money?

As for RA Dickey, his option will most assuredly be picked up. It is a paltry $5M for 2013, and Dickey (15-3) is a bargain at that price. Dickey will be 38 at years' end, but age isn't as important for a knuckle ball pitcher like it is for a flame thrower. His is tied for the league lead in strikeouts and has a respectable 2.72 ERA in 162.1 IP. As for any long term deal beyond 2013, that remains to be seen. Dickey has said he would like to stay with the Mets, but again, are the Mets going to low ball an offer to him? If Dickey is looking for a three year deal, that would be reasonable. He would be 41 at contracts end. Much more than that, the Mets would be hard pressed to sign him. Again, this is going on the assumption that Alderson actually will offer a long term deal.

Sandy has said he wants to retain Wright, but talk is cheap. He said the same thing a year ago with their all world SS, and during the window of exclusivity, he didn't make an offer, and allowed Reyes to walk. Fans were livid over the lack of effort put into trying to retain their SS. If the same situation occurs with Wright, Alderson will be running for his life from Mets fans. Do it once is bad. Do it twice in two years is unacceptable.

Do I believe Wright will be a Met in 2013? Yes, I do, but I am not so confident he will be a Met after the 2013 season. Alderson has never shown the loyalty to a player to sign to big bucks for a long term deal, and I have no confidence his philosophy has changed.

Although this season has been disappointing after such an exciting start, like I said last year: 

"As fans, let’s enjoy. Love him or hate him, come 2012, if he is wearing another uniform, he will sorely be missed. A talent such as his comes along once in a generation. Time to be thankful we’ve been able to enjoy it…especially this year. "

Enjoy it Mets fans; there is a good chance we won't see Wright nor Dickey after next season.

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