Friday, September 14, 2012

Can Mets be spoilers in Milwaukee Friday night lineup

The Mets head on the road for 3 games against the Brew Crew.  They seem to play decent baseball on the road.  The Brewers are now in the think of the playoff hunt as are the Phillies.  The Brewers are 3 out since the Bucs are collapsing again this year. 

The Mets who cant get out of there own way at  Citi probably wish they play the rest of there games on the road. too bad that is not the case. 

the Mets can do some damage against the Brewers playoff chances if they can rattle off some wins. Or will they be lambs to the slaughter? 

As football week 2 starts will anybody be watching the woeful Mets?   

Lineup below. 

Tejada, Murphy,
Wright, Davis,
Duda, Valdespin,
Torres, Thole,

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