Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Time For Mets To Thumb Their Nose At MLB & Bud Selig!

It's September 11th and as always our hearts go out to those who lost friends, family, and loved ones 11 years ago.

Being September 11th and the Mets playing at home, there is only one thing that should be on the Mets players minds: That is defy MLB and wear the caps they so proudly displayed 11 years ago, the caps of the first responders on September 11, 2001.

"Unfortunately today, the Mets will acquiesce and obey Major League Baseball. That's a shame. Josh Thole is now saying the players will discuss and make a decision before tonight's game. Nice statement. I just hope for this one game the Mets spit in the eye of MLB. "

This year is more of the same; the Mets will honor MLB's edict and not wear the first responders caps they wore on September 21, 2001 during tonight's game.

It's time for the Mets players, NOT MANAGEMENT, to make a statement and say 'our loyalty is to our country today, not MLB.'

If the Mets have the guts to stand up to MLB and do indeed decide to wear first responders caps, what will MLB do? Fine them? That would be a PR nightmare for owner Commissioner Selig. How is he going to hide behind the best interest of baseball or baseball's uniform rule when you have so many touched by what happened 11 years ago? Especially in NY?!

According to Adam Rubin, "The Mets will wear hats of first-responder agencies pregame."

Sorry, not good enough. The 17 fans in attendance and the many more watching from home will not see this, and it is important for all to feel that United feeling, much the same way we did on September 21, 2001. 

Maybe this team will surprise me and all fans by thumbing their noses at MLB and wear first responders hats. I  won't hold my breath, but I would be proud to see OUR team do what is right, and that is to display the honor we have towards our Police, Firefighters, EMT's, etc., let alone the honor we should all feel to be Americans and Mets fans.

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